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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Abandoned ROW - Burgoyne Road near Bryant Bridge

Topo with ROW marked
Well back in January this spot looked enticing to mountain bike (see pics >)  and I was excited to ride it today but… Too Bad!! - It was completely overgrown so I hiked it instead. It was a good thing I did because my hike didn’t last too long and I even had to cross someone’s back yard (not cool!).
I parked at Bryant Bridge and made my way eastward. Despite the plant growth everywhere and frequent downed trees, it was an interesting trek. An abandoned house, an abandoned vehicle (?) and a makeshift old railroad tie footbridge made it all worthwhile. The part that was not cool was the trek across someone's yard that stretched right to the banks of Fish Creek.

I had to turn around sooner than expected as it became impassable. This ROW was abandoned in 1957 and 50 plus years of nature really showed! Check out the Video below for an arm chair super-brief tour...


Abandoned House

Makeshift Footbridge

Oops - backyard :-(


I headed off to Luther Forest and got a good mountain bike ride in but boy was it hot and sunny! The woods after a long wet period are always steamier than the rest of the outdoors. The forest floor does a great job of holding the moisture, only "letting go" as it gets baked off in the heat.
I went out even later in the day to hit up the Colonie Shale Trail but it was still steamy at 4:30 PM.

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