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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recumbent Ride - Quickie

A quickie around my parents neighborhood.... Historical interest? Just that the Pine Hill Development  is replacing the woods at the end of Crooked Street...

The car whizzing past me on Crooked Street must have thought I was  crazy - shooting a one-handed video on a weird bike!


  1. Hey Rich, was your Mom (Mary Jane?) a music teacher in the BHBL school district? I had a Mrs. Coffee for music at Pashley school in the Mid 60's! I was in chorus in 5th and 6th grade then! Chip Ruhl, Williamsport, PA.

    1. Rich what a small world! Here's another connection - I knew Gary Cunningham. He was in the class of '75 or '76 at BHBL. His family once had a International Harvester Farm Equipment dealership in Ballston Spa - Cunningham Farm Supply. I had a pack of decals from Cunningham Farm Supply (The kind the dealer put on new tractors to identify the dealership) that I gave to him once. The last time I saw him was in the early 80's at Union College. We were in a math class together, I think it was differential equations - he was a smart guy! I didn't do so well. Give him my best when you see him! Tell your mom I have had a lifelong interest in music instilled by music teachers like her and Ken Nelson (I had him in 7th grade for music - he got a small group of us kids- the model RR club- into the D & H Colonie diesel shop for a tour once! Take care! Chip Ruhl, Williamsport, PA.