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Friday, September 30, 2022

Ruins of the Connecticut Foundry - Rocky Hill, CT

Always curious about these huge silos seen from the South Glastonbury side of the Connecticut River - I ventured down to the Rocky Hill riverside after mountain biking in Cromwell. 

Here's the old railroad station - it looks renovated and perhaps destined for revival as a restaurant or store.

The silos were part of a huge iron foundry famous for its bookends and decorative plaques. This is an aerial from a few years back - much of this is now demolished.

Connecticut Foundry - 1919-1983

Historical Details:

"A succession of industrial buildings stood beside the Connecticut River in Rocky Hill from 1835 to 1881, when a huge foundry was built by ownership subscription. In 1918, that building burned down. The present building was erected in 1919 by the Connecticut Foundry Co., established by A. O. Knudsen, Arthur Enquist and Ernest Spencer. The company remained in business until 1983, when it closed on March 30.

The company made a wide variety of items of cast iron, from range oil burners, piston-ring moldings and lawn mower parts to bookends and decorative plaques. Those who designed and made the molds were not only artisans, but artists as well. The company’s customers included such well-known corporations as Stanley, Dictaphone, Remington Rand, GE and numerous others.  Source

Historical Photos of the Railroad Station

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bolton Notch - Connecticut

I've visited Bolton Notch a few times - both by bike and foot - its a fascinating place. The site for New York, New Haven Hartford Railroad Valuation Maps is a great source for railroad details but I often find them very disorienting as north is seldom at the top

I've "re-oriented" the Bolton Notch Valuation map and included a few railroad photos (crediting their source) to help picture the spot back in its RR heyday...

Valuation Map

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Looking easterly into the Notch 

Looking easterly into the Notch from the "yard"

Looking somewhat north easterly at the second station
Source: Wikimedia

Looking westerly through the Notch
Bolton RR Station and Pond

Bolton Notch Today

The "tunnel"
Rock Cut

Further Info

Tyler City Station (Scroll to Bolton1)

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