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Friday, July 27, 2018

Colorado Railroad Museum

On my last day in Colorado, I decided to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum. It was fantastic. A yard full of trains, really well done and informative kiosks, a roundhouse and even a working stream engine being fired up - this was a railroad foamer's dream!

The museum itself is really more of an outdoor rail yard although the main building has a great set of exhibits in the basement and a jam-packed bookstore of railroad books.
Main building -ticket office

The Rail Yard - Part One

Mail car...

Great kiosk - too bad the business car was closed today :-(
Cog wheeler (Notice the track underneath)
Coors locomotive and car (their main brewery is nearby...)
Ooo yeah - a caboose -  let's climb inside...
Another caboose (bigger!)
Lots of cars and locomotives...
Snowplow (mighty big!)
Tahoe Passenger car - outside and interior
D&RG Passenger Car

At the Roundhouse

Firing up the oldest operating steam locomotive in Colorado for a run tomorrow (see the smoke from the chimney?)
This is a 3-series panorama (left to right)
Inside the Roundhouse - this is where restoration is done. Check out the other massive steam locomotive...

The Rail Yard - Part Two

Union Pacific 6-man Bunk car [MOW - Maintenance of Way]
Yikes - I was on alert...
This rabbit found a cool spot under the gondola!
Cattle car (exterior and interior)
D&RG Diesel
Santa Fe steramliner!
Rail Maintenance of Way Equipment
0-6-0 UP switcher
What an informative kiosk!
Union Pacific Dining Car
Check out the prices!
Dining Area
Union Pacific Coach
Coach Seats
Bathroom area
Steam Locomotive (inside the cab)
Kitchen Car
Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose"
4-8-4 Chicago, Quincy and Burlington - she's a biggie!
Great series of super informative kiosks


Simple Rail map (I actually bought a nice one in the dbookstore)
Amazing large scale models
Yep - the master control board for signals on a rr line
The model railroad exhibit

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