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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Merritt Parkway Rail Trail Tunnels

After a morning rock building trail session up at Pine Mountain, curiosity got the best of me. I heard they were finally building tunnels for rail access across the Merritt Parkway ramps at Trumbull and I wanted to check it out.
Just like the last trek in, I parked at the end of Rocky Hill Road but this time it looked a whole lot different! It appears this is where one of the the tunnels will emerge.
I gingerly hopped over the jersey barriers along the ramp and saw the tunnel work.
All the scrub and overgrowth on the walk to the bridge has been cleared.
Its a beautiful sight - crossing the bridge!

After crossing the bridge, a short trek brings you to the next ramp tunnel...
The tunnel stops just short of the actual roadway (ramp) and ends in a huge metal plate. I peaked thru a mini window in the metal plate and saw that the rocks under the roadway have yet to be removed!
Walking back, I took another nice photo of the bridge (going north)

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