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Wednesday, March 23, 2022


I had to go to Willimantic today to pick up my repaired Doumbek so I thought "why not ride a bit of the rail trail?"Ages ago,  I did the Airline Trail East Chatham to Willimantic LINK > and last summer I rode the Hop River trail south from Bolton Notch ALMOST to Willimantic LINK > but there were a few gaps I wanted to ride.

The weather was nasty: cold and overcast so I only rode to and from the Mackey's Store but at least I nearly closed one of the "gaps".

I started here
Perhaps someone very overweight sat here? :-)
I am sure this is beautiful in the fall
Ah - how cool: a RR tie bench!
Lots of RR equipment here - will visit this summer!
At the junction - I was here back in 2016
Neat - see Further Info link below 
 I am sure there was a mill here long ago

Remnants of the Train Station Platform...
 I then drove further east and saw this massive former mill- WOW! (See Further Details Below)
Heres the famous Textile Museum right across from the mill - I will definitely will visit it this summer
Lastly the famous Frog Bridge ;-)