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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Hop River Rail Trail - Part 2

It was perfect weather today - especially welcome after a long oppressive hot and humid spell last week.

I rode south from Hop River State Park to where the actual rail trail ended and you had to ride on the road which was almost in Willimantic.

It was a bit of a long slow climb going back - no wonder it felt so easy at first going south!

It was a very scenic ride with rock cuts, riverside views, meadows, swamps, deep forests and even a covered bridge!

At the start
Loved the rock cuts!
And lots of stretches of raised embankments...
There were old telegraph poles along the way.
It's a bit hard to tell, but there was a beautiful gorge and small waterfall 
A Covered Bridge (Andover)
Under the highway  - the echo was nice inside it!
A beautiful stretch where the river runs parallel...
Crossing the River.
Loved the green along the edges here!
Another short "tunnel" under a highway
Blowdown! At least it was easy to ride around it!...
Short video (I reduced the audio volume as there was lots of wind noise from riding)

Details on my previous Hop River Trail ride and info on the railroad history can be found here:

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