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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

Hyde Park to Cambridge Junction

I rode 24 miles (12 miles each way) on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. It was pretty flat and a bit boring as there was hardly any railroad remnants to see except for the converted Cambridge Junction station. Still, it was a beautiful day (although a bit chilly) and my curiosity needed satisfying!
Interestingly, it's downhill from Hyde Park to Cambridge Jct.

Since I did the stretch from Morrisville before, I started at Hyde Park this time.
It's an easy ride - primarily farm country.

Dog's Head Falls

Before the town of Johnson, there's a very scenic falls right off the rail trail. Google Map Location >

Cambridge Junction

Once I arrived at Cambridge Junction, there was a lovely train themed playground at the old railroad station!
I had my apple here :-)
There's a great write up of the history...
In addition, there's a covered bridge over the river

End of the Trail

Once at the playground, it's just a short ride over the former railroad bridge to the end of the trail.
This old junked double decker bus seemed out of place in northernVermont!
The railroad continued on but the trail officially ends here for now

On the Return Trip

I snapped a photo going back over the bridge - note mountain in the background
river side scenic shot
For some strange reason, this sand pit /gravel quarry intrigued me
Big Turtle lounging by the side of the rail trail

Short One-Handed Video

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