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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kaydeross Park Abandoned Trolley ROW

In February 2014, when researching abandoned rail and trolley lines in the Saratoga NY area, I found this ROW and was enticed to come back in warmer weather and try to ride it. See winter photos and mini map >

On Sunday morning May 18th--after riding Bog Meadow Brook--I ventured over here and parked in a lot nearby and rode in from Crescent Ave. It was a little soft and wet on the first part of the ascent but further on it was drier but still a little soft from a lot of leaf cover. Nevertheless, it was a fun and fascinating ride. Once I reached the first road (a private driveway), any sign of the ROW completely disappeared so I headed back down as I came.  Bing Bird's Eye View >

Watch a short video -  Riding Down the Hill

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