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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bog Meadow Brook Trail

Early Sunday morning May 18th, I ventured up to the big bog east of Saratoga to ride the Nature Trail. Even though it was a rail trail, I had read that it was full of railroad ties and a rough ride so I wisely opted for the mountain bike.

The weather was simply gorgeous and everything looked stunning in the bright morning sunlight. There were a few bird lovers already out on the trail but I was the only biker.

The ride was fascinating not only because of the verdant and unusual bog plant growth all around me but the signage detailed the railroad’s history as well. Back in the late 19th century, this railway was built to transport tourists from Saratoga Springs to Saratoga lake where they could ride a steamship named “The Lady of The Lake” around the lake!

I rode all the way to the end. At about two-thirds of the way in, there’s a wide boardwalk over a  really wet area. I stopped to enjoy the incredible silence—only broken by the occasional deep sound of bullfrogs croaking.

Some sections of the trail—as mentioned—were still full of ties and man my butt hurt from all the bouncing!

Nevertheless it was a great ride and a wonderful taste of a side of nature most folks normally don’t get to see up close.

NOTE: Further details on the entire abandoned railroad line can be found here >

Photo Tour

North Entrance
North Entrance
The trek eastward
A lovely little spot (benches, etc.)
The profusion of railroad ties made it a very bumpy ride :-(
Deep in the bog the forest begins
The Beautiful Boardwalk

Trail's End 
The ride back - the section was magically surreal!
(Gandalf where are you?)
So picturesque!! - the morning sunlight was perfect :-)
Super Short Video of the Ride 
(Boardwalk featured)


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  2. Yeah, the ties were very unpleasant.