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Monday, August 27, 2018

D&H Rail Trail - Granville to West Pawlet

On Monday--on my way from Stowe, VT to Scotia, NY--I decided veer to Granville NY and ride the Rail Trail on my road bike.

About the Former Rail Line 

This trail follows the rail bed of the Rutland and Washington Railroad built in the 1850s. The line served the slate quarries that produced sheets of rock that were as roofing material. By 1871 foreclosures and mergers led to the Delaware & Hudson Railroad (D&H) leasing the line. Improvements in highways and truck transportation led to the eventual demise of the line in 1983.
Source: Delaware and Hudson Rail-Trail (TrailLink)

Station Photos

I started at the former Granville train depot which is now an elegant Bed and Breakfast.


Sadly most of the storefronts are empty in this once vibrant town. Hopefully the rail trail may help revive the economy a bit...
As this old topo map indicates, this side viewing platform was once a spur. Perhaps it was a coal trestle? ...
Once across the river, you ride thru the industrial section. Much of it is abandoned. Old maps indicate you are actually riding on a spur...


It was very hot and humid and the ride itself was super flat and scenic but kinda boring.
To the right of this sign post is where the tracks actually went (see map below).
Smooth and wide was the ride (hey that rhymes!)
I found a spot of loose slate on the trail and I heard some really loud noises of presumably big trucks working the quarries up the hill to the east.
The Google Aerial view shows the long line of quarries that parallel the trail.

West Pawlet

Once at West Pawlet, I rode a bit further over the bridge and then turned around.

-Short Video-

Further Info


  1. the "viewing platform" is indeed along a very short north-westerly siding into what was a coal dealer. the abutments seen are the remnants of a coal trestle . the coal was dumped down between the abutments from where it would be later dispensed

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  3. "...Old maps indicate you are actually riding on a spur..." This spur you mention is a detour to avoid going thru the middle of Telescope industrial complex, which at one time had at least 4 tracks running thru the middle of it including the single "main" line. Most of these were long double-ended sidings. The spur you mention and the detour is upon served Evergreen Slate Co, Race Oil, and at its terminus, Norton Sealants from at least the 1950's to 1983. The former Norton's facility became Saint-Gobain Plastics in 1990.

  4. your picture #1247 of the large building just south of the bridge in West Pawlet Vt was a Borden's creamery serving farmers coming from at least 5 towns

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  6. In picture #1242 , the flat open area with the mud puddle and what appears as a concrete curb in the grass is where the passenger station stood. It was gone before the mid-1970's. Picture #1245 shows what was a car dealership, I forget the name

  7. Jdalco244 -? Thank you for the info! Do you live in the area?