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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Albany, NY (Historical Photos)

Well this is not really an outside adventure but it is railroad related so it best posted here.

Albany, NY

Christmas Day was spent with the family in upstate NY. We had the pleasure of dining together at Jack’s Oyster House in Albany, NY. The dining room was filled with historical photos and the old (former) D&H Headquarters in all its glory was just across the street…
Former D&H Headquarters
Schenectady Railway - Interurban
Albany Union Station

Grand Central, NYC

Later in the week, I was back home and on my evening commute through Grand Central Terminal, I decided to snap these two photos.

Vanderbilt Room 
Passageway between the Vanderbilt Room and Main Hall
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  1. That is a Schenectady Railway Car. The SRC turned their cars around on the loop at the D&H building. Also, the Hudson Valley Railway ran from Troy to Warrensburg and was abandoned in 1927. The Schenectady Railway abandoned their Albany Line in 1933.

  2. Gino
    Good point! The HVRR never ran thru Schenectady and on closer inspection, the sign on the front of the trolley car says “Schenectady” — The photo is mislabeled! I have corrected the caption but Jack needs whiteout to fix the photo on the wall :-)