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Friday, December 16, 2016

Railroad Valuation Maps - Trestle Trail, RI

Back on August 19, 2016, I rode the Trestle Trail heading west from from Summit, RI. POST >

Summit, RI

Summit Station
Little did I realize that there once was a wye, just west on the starting point. See the area from a Bing Bird's Eye View:

WYE at Summit

Greene, RI

There isn't much left of the Town of Greene now, but it had a three track section back in 1916!

Source: Greene

The Trestle

Lastly, I found the valuation map of the trestle...
Source: Bridge (Trestle)

Further Info and Credits

^The Historic Photos were sourced from this site

NYNH&H RR Valuation Maps
^ The valuation maps can be found here

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