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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Schenectady's Past - Railroad Tributes

On August 28th, 2019, while visiting my mother, I decided to do a bit of local railroad history sleuthing rather than mountain bike. It was productive!


Now recently renovated as a restaurant, this building was originally a single-story waiting room for the Schenectady Railway Company - a local trolley company.

Next - although I am no fan of casinos, the Rivers Casino and Resort rose from the ashes of the former ALCO plant and I was curious if there was any mention of the history of the location.
this spot is called the Amphitheater
there are picnic tables and a green lawn (no trees tho'...)
the walk along the rivers edge was pleasant
 Sure enough... I was rewarded with a series of nicely done signage scattered around the park area!

For lunch I headed up to Ballston Spa and had a tasty burger and brew outside, at the old Chocolate Factory. On my trek back in December 2015,  I documented the local electric railway and the interesting history of this mill complex.

Although it was cloudy and gray all morning, the sun came out during lunch and I felt a wee bit guilty for not biking but nevertheless, it was an interesting and productive trek!