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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trumbull's Abandoned Ice House

It was a beautiful day -- sunny but not too hot with a breeze. After my mountain bike ride in the valley, I decided to revisit the rail trail -- it was just too nice outside to head home!

IMHO the stretch between Whitney and Tait has got to be one of the most scenic rides in the state! The lush canopy of greenery kept the ride cool and pleasant.

I rode to the old ice house as it has been probably more that a decade since I last visited the spot with my son. It is very overgrown now but once I descended the steep bank, I got close enough to take a few nice photographs...
The Ice House up close
Remnants of the old carriage road that led to the Ice House
Colorized railroad valuation map
Topo of the former pond - Source

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