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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Riding the Harlem Valley Rail Trail

It was a beautiful autumn day and I thought it would be nice to ride the Harlem Valley Rail Trail and enjoy the wonderful blaze of autumn colors.

Millerton to Wassaic

I started out at Millerton and headed south.
The"second" station
"Railroad Plaza" - I like that!
The original "first" station - now
back in the active railroading early days....
It's a very very slight downhill from Millerton to Wassaic, 285 feet difference.

Along the way, there is informative signage including interesting facts about the railroad's and various station's and town's history...
Mighty picturesque

Always love riding thru a rock cut...
"Postcard" perfect!
End of the line at Wassaic
Heading back, I stopped to snap this shot of the ROW near Amenia...
Autumn is a great time for riding this trail!
Short One-Handed Video (Highlights)

I snatched a lunch in Millerton--ordering a pesto chicken hero at Taro's and sitting peacefully on a park bench at Railroad Plaza...

Copake Falls Section

After my lunch, I drove up to Copke Falls to ride that section.  [I first detoured for a bit to check out the abandoned Copkae RR station ]. Once at the Rail Trail, I parked in the lot by the old Depot and first headed north,
The trail only goes for a short bit north, much of it traversing open fields 
end of the line -north
Heading south...
For a short bit you ride on a dirt road but you can see the old ROW to the side
Old ROW to the west (riding south)
End of Developed Trail...
Upper Mountain Road Trailhead
The old ROW continues
(but 40 plus years of plant growth has taken over!)

Enlarge for Panorama of the view at Upper Mountain Road
(trail end)
Super Short One-Handed Video of the Ride Highlights

I next spent some time visiting the Copake IronWorks and later that day explored a bit of the ND&C abandoned ROW west of Millerton.

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