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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail

The Ride
After a delicious beer and burger at the Cooper's Cave Ale Company nearby, I started my ride eastward from the parking lot at the bottom of Murray St.

It was early afternoon and the sun was blazing but the ride was super flat and easy. It was very scenic all along the way and I snapped a few photos and took a few one-handed videos compiled in the movie below.
At the start

An old road bridge abutment
Where I ended in Hudson Falls
Glens Falls and Cooper's Cave 
The highlight of the trip was crossing the bridge into South Glens Falls and photographing the dry rock outcroppings of the falls. They were massive!

A short jaunt under the bridge brought me to Copper's Cave...

Returning to the car back in Glens Falls, it was nice to see the Hudson River sparkling in the mid afternoon sun.

Short Video

Trail Info

Cooper's Cave Info 

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