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Friday, July 11, 2014

Vestal Rail Trail

On my way up to Ithaca, NY for a family reunion, I stopped in Vestal and rode this easy and short Rail Trail.  (3.8 miles)

The unusual shaped building was a former DL&W coal house moved from nearby. It now serves as an ice cream parlor /coffee house and community performance center - pretty cool!  Going eastward from this point, it is super flat and easy. 

Going west has a little more variety. It winds up over a bridge above a dry river bed and a little further, there is a stream in the forest that you can see. 

(close up)

 A partially-burnt fuel storage station is along the way as well...

Once I returned to where I parked, I stopped in to check out the ice cream parlor and had a tasty expresso coffee and vanilla ice cream concoction - Tasty!

There is a display inside that details the history of the building...

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  1. West from the coaling tower is not on the railbed.

  2. Yeah - but the riding was more fun! :-)

  3. It appears that they have firefighter training at that fuel storage station.