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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Portland Airline Trail

Although I had ridden the main Airline Trail from East Hampton to Willimantic way back in 2016, this trail section was recently built since then and I was curious...

note the embankments


There was a climb to get to the Rail Trail. At the top of the climb, I turned left and headed westward. It was short as it dead ended in a only a few minutes...
I turned around and rode the whole trail eastward. There were a few kiosks along the way explaining the trail's railroad history.

Beautiful stone arch!

Short Video of Ride Highlights

Rail racks...
Cobalt was/is a small town. Why the name Cobalt? Cobalt ore was mined here way back when...
The station location

Bummer - end of the trail

This warrants a return on the mountain to explore further...
The ride back was sweet - loved this rock cut!!

A view where the power lines crossed.

For further details on the railroad history of the "Airline Route", refer to the links at the bottom of my 2016 ride:

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