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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Housatonic Rail-Trail

(a.k.a. Pequonnock Valley Greenway)

Saturday started out dark and cloudy but by noon - it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day so I headed over to Trumbull with my road bike (for a change!) and rode the Rail Trail.

I started out at Tait Rd -- the same spot I used to start out with my son Greg when we first started riding here years ago. The lot was packed so I had to park on a lower road.

The ride along the picturesque river valley was--as always--awe-inspiring. The rugged granite cliffs and deep cuts looked wonderful with the vibrant fall tree colors all around. I didn't take any photos (although I should have) but cruised straight on up thru Parlor Rock, ducking under Route 25 to Old Mine Park, then waiting for traffic to clear before zipping across Route 111.
For a while the paved surface turned to dirt and got a little confused. I stopped at this little bridge to check my location with my iPhone and Google maps and once I realized I was fine, I  continued on...

...passing the old Stepney Depot

 ...then riding by a lovely view of Great Hollow Lake. 

Further up north, the trail turns to dirt again and cuts through a marshy area. 

  Where riders are soon treated to a view of the old rails still in place!

Finally, the trail got rough -- there were a lot of roots to ride over. Yikes - that got me a little paranoid thinking I would pop a tire. On the mountain bike it would be easy and fun but on my thin-tired lightweight road bike I gingerly rode on until I came to where the trail had to pass over 2 sets of tracks.
Checking on my iPhone, Google maps indicated I was near the end so I opted to turn around at that point and head back south.


I took a couple of short videos while riding to show the railroad tracks and railroad ties I paralleled. 

Heading North on the Newtown Trail Section

Heading back south again - riding along the exposed tracks and railroad ties


  1. Videos added - 11-10. Puny size I know - the new iMovie sucks.
    Better versions to be posted at a later date