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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

North Chatham - South on the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail

On the way to a special lunch engagement in Troy NY,  I decided to start early and ride a bit more of the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. This time I only had time for an hour ride so I just rode from North Chatham to Valatie and back.

Unfortunately it was a cloudy, gloomy day and the weather was FREEZING!!! Thank God I brought my winter coat and winter gloves because they were needed!

I started at the lovely old Trolley Station at North Chatham,
There were a few informative kiosks along the ride
Most of the ride was fairly flat and I tried to keep up a brisk place...

At Kinderhook Lake, there was a great kiosk about the amusement park that was here ages ago.
I arrived at Valatie (the arrow is pointing to the old station) and spent a bit of time exploring the old mill ruins just north of the Station.
Wild's Mill
Google Map aerial of dam and mill ruins

On the way back...

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