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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Portland - Abandoned Airline RR

Today I decided to hike the abandoned railroad bed in Portland, CT. This stretch was part of the Air Line built way back in 1873 as a more direct route between New York City and Boston.

I parked at the Golf Shop on Rt 66 and hiked up the short hill to get to the flat raised embankment.

Surprisingly, it was well used - probably a favorite of local ATVers.
There were still plenty of railroad ties in the ground!
I even spotted a couple of dinosaurs! <wink>

railroad ties
Ah - a rock cut!
Overgrown for sure but still cool...

There were numerous off shoots of ATV trails. Some of them were apparently old farm or logging roads.
(The trail/rr went straight)
Looking uphill (to the right)
Side  trail offshoot...
Another overgrown rock cut

End of the line

On the way back...

railroad tie
on the side... ?
"snake" vine
I believe--from the amount of chiseled  brownstone boulders strewn along the short climb up from the road--the incline here was much less and tapered possibly with a bridge as well...

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