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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Schenectady Train Station

While briefly upstate on family business, I grabbed the opportunity to visit the new Schenectady Train Station. Nice job Amtrak!
Some great history tidbits in the back
Stairwell to the train tracks


  1. Wow! this looks great! I haven't lived in the area since 1982. If I remember correctly the first little Amtrak building was there when I left. I saw pictures on You Tube with grafitti sprayed all over it. This station is a big plus for rail travel to and from Schenectady! I just found this blog - by the looks of things I might be on it all night! Thanks! Chip Ruhl, Williamsport, PA

  2. Hi Chip
    Thanks - You may enjoy this as well

    The Schenectady Railroad Station
    A Chronological Summary1