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Monday, October 16, 2017

Hibernia RR Bridge Abutment

I took Monday off from work and my original intention when traveled back the CT from the Capital District was to ride the Albany Helderberg Rail Trail. It's an abandoned stretch of former D&H tracks converted to a rail trail.

Albany Helderberg Rail Trail

When I got to where it begins in Albany, it was incredibly nasty cold, very windy and overcast so I opted to ride it at another time.
At the start of the trail (in South Albany)
A dispenser for sun block (yellow) and a bike tool stand- how nice!

Hibernia Bridge

Traveling south on the Taconic, I decided to revisited the Hibernia Bridge abutments on Wappinger Creek. Although it is much more overgrown since my previous visit in 2015 (link), now there is a wood chip pathway and a lovely bench at the abutment. Not sure if it was built by a neighbor or the town but its nice to know the ancient stonework gets appreciated.
The abutment
The Bridge back in its heyday


  1. This post (go to Part 2 - Stanfordville) has a map of the location

  2. I'm a railroad enthusiast, biker, hiker, history geek and member of the board of directors of The Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association. I'm enjoying your blog. Please contact me. Would love to meet or correspond about this. I'm so interested in finding more ROW and ruins. Rose Aulino

    1. Rose:
      Glad you are enjoying my blog — be sure to check out this web page as well (if you haven’t already) as I have compiled a lot more RR history info not found on my blog.

      Re Preliminary research
      Before I go out on a trek, I use a few online map resources (links on Right Rail of Blog)
      -ITO Historical Railroads
      -Historical Topos and...
      -current Google aerials as well as any online historical info. There’s a good amount of data available if you dig deep.

      The HVRT site is great-IMHO the maps and historical info do a good of honoring the RR history.

      At some point I will trek/research the roadbed between Philmont/Ghent/ and Chatham. Perhaps you’d like to join me?