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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Train Ride at the Danbury Railroad Museum

I returned to Danbury Railroad Museum today to donate a bunch of computer-related stuff that hopefully they can use for video presentations and interactive kiosks. At some point I will be assisting in these presentations.

Train Ride

It was very hot late afternoon but I took the short train ride they offered thru the yard and saw the turntable and pump house. The Pump in the pump house has been nicely restored.

All Aboard!
The whistle was blowing...
The Turntable
On the other side of the turntable - there's a nice array of passenger cars
The train stopped on the Pump House. This used to pump the water for the water tower next door (no longer there). The water tower serviced the steam engines back in the day and had spouts on two sides (unusual).
The Pump House
Our locomotive and engineer
Back at the station
Enhanced old valuation map of the railroad yard

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