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Friday, April 29, 2016

Martindale and Chatham NY

Another trip to upstate NY on the Taconic gave me a chance to check out a couple of vintage railroad remnants.

Martindale, NY

The Martindale Bridge is right off the parkway. This was the ROW for the New York Central’s Harlem Division. The ROW looks like it is still well traversed by ATV -- it might be fun to bike!
Sourced from the ITO Historic Railways Map

Chatham, NY

Chatham at one time was a bustling railroad center and the lovely railroad station reflects its importance in the past. Here the New York Central 's Harlem Division met with both the Boston and Albany (now CSX) and the Rutland Railroad.
Sourced from the ITO Historic Railways Map

The Lovely Circle
Chatham is still a charming small town. Up the street a bit is their own brewery and a little further: a  lovely traffic circle. The Old Hotel on the left of the 4th Photo has a lovely restaurant...
Traffic Circle

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