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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bristol Railroad (Vermont)

I was traveling thru the area and decided to do a little online and in-the-field research on this short-line. Only six miles in length, the railroad ran from 1892 until 1930. Both the Bristol and New Haven Junction stations still survive as well as remaining traces of the ROW.

There were only three stops on the line and being farm country, freight traffic was mostly agricultural. Imports were mainly coal for winter heating and manufactured goods for farmers. 

Acme Mapper shows abandoned ROW in topo view...
click to enlarge

New Haven Junction Station

Historic Photo
New Haven Junction Station
New Haven Junction Station
Looking Northward
New Haven Junction Station

Google Maps - Aerial and Street Views

It’s amazing how much you can discern just by using Google Maps. The links listed below open up Google Maps to provide a street view (or aerial close up). The "trip" goes west to east...

Google Street View Locations

Photo 5a
Rt 17 Crossing (looking south)
Photo 5b - Railroad Embankment Noted
Rt 17 Crossing (looking north)
Sawyer Road Crossing

Photo 6a
Sawyer Road Crossing (looking west)
Photo 6b
Sawyer Road Crossing (looking east)
Little Otter Creek Crossings?
This is clearly labeled private property but one can't help but  wonder if there are any abutments at either of these locations...
44.130187, -73.116111  |  44.130826, -73.111401

Photo 7
Burpee Road - Looking eastward


  1. My Great Grandfather was a long time engineer for the Bristol RR. Also my Grandfather (G.Grandfather's son in law) also worked on the railroad briefly.
    Sure enjoyed this post immensely.

  2. Glad you found this and it hot a soft spot! :-)

  3. A recent (2020) and very complete reference is the book "New Haven Junction to Bristol, Vermont: 'Crossroads to Caskets", by James R. Jones (son of noted railroad historian and author Robert Jones). Self-published by Tell-Tale Publications, Box 808, Colchester, VT 05446.