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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Jim Tedisco Rail Trail - Ballston Spa, NY

The Jim Tedisco Fitness Trail

After my insane morning hike (posted here) and preliminary afternoon treks (posted here), I next drove up to Ballston Spa (picking up a Mountain Brew at the Stewart's near Curtis Lumber) and parked at the Public Parking near the Factory. What a magnificent building (once a former Chocolate Factory). 
A short hike up the hill brought me to the northern end of the Rail Trail.  I made note of the old railroad abutment to the north to check out on my return.

I popped the beer opened and made my way south...
You pass by the ruins of an old factory and a massive chimney that is somewhat obscured by the tall trees.

-Short Video-
FYI - The forest is growing on a roof!

It appears there might have been a old road crossing where indicated.
The south end of the trail end where the Front Street Bridge was removed...
... and looking easterly, you can spot the old spring (see Further Info below)

The Abutment

It was a short jaunt to return to the north end. Being a railroad "archeologist" - I was curious about the abutment I spotted and took a few photos. 

Although the abutment on the other side of the river looks much smaller, I believe it was the same size and broke apart. There are large chunks of concrete and stone scattered about to indicate that...

1902 Topo Map marked up to indicate the trail and abutments

Historical Photos

From across the creek looking back to the chocolate factory
Further upstream looking downstream at the railroad bridge
(chocolate factory tower visible)

Further Info

More Pics of Iron Spring and further info on the abandoned railroad found here >


  1. Dec 19th, 2015
    A couple of historical photos in Black and White added for comparison

  2. I bicycled it starting from the south end. Carried my bicycle all the way up those stairs and back down. :-)

  3. I'll be back next month (with Gino ad Gary) - we are doing a super sleuthing of the old trolley ROW up to Middle Grove. (I have done a lot of preliminary research - there were quite a few mills along the creek - should be fun)

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