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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Abandoned Bridges at Moses Kill (Part Three)

Argyle Brewing Company - Greenwich

After visiting the Batten Kill Trolley Piers (previous post - Part Two), we headed over to Greenwich and stopped at the Argyle Brewing Company. It was a fantastic place. Gary and I tried their beer sampler and it was served in a carved log - how cool is that!
Carved log beer sampler - um um good!

We stuck up a conversion with the bartender and locals and it turns out I found a kindred spirit - an amazing photographer who loves to trek to exotic "off the beaten" path spots.
Michael's photos:
Michael immediately called up his brother-in-law, Darren who is a total Urbanex advocate (a.k.a. Ruins Porn) and has traveled the world documenting every place imaginable including Chernobyl!
Darren's photos:

Darren joined us for the trek up to Moses Kill! He recommended a pizza place north of town for a quick lunch and then we drove back on Rt 29 and up Rt 4 (rather the Rt 77) to continue our exploring.

At Glen Road

This stop was a bust. Although the remnants of the old canal were discernible, the Trolley ROW was completely overgrown.  At least I did find a railroad tie in the bushes...

At Moses Kill

All the planned ways in to the old bridges were plastered with no trespassing signs so we trekked in legally thru incredibly overgrown swampland/thickets on the north side of the Kill. It was tough going but the reward was great! :-)

Moses Kill - Champlain Canal Aqueduct

The old Champlain Canal crossed over the Moses Kill on a aqueduct and the stone work was incredible. 

Moses Kill - Trolley Bridge

There was still an arduous trek thru the overgrowth to get to the Trolley Bridge but it was quite picturesque in the fading light.
Bing Aerial View of Bridge

Here's a photo of it's construction
Construction Crew
Its remarkable how much it looks like the Willow Glen Bridge outside of Mechanicville.
See Photos >


From the railroad piers over the Hudson to the relics of the Paper Mill to the bushwhacking thru the dense overgrowth to see the Moses Kill Bridges, all in all it was an rewarding adventure!

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